To import a downloaded project into your Eclipse workspace:

1. Extract the downloaded .zip file to a convenient folder.

2. Right click (Ctrl + click on Mac) on the Package Explorer, click Import, and select Existing Projects into Workspace under General as your import source.

3. Browse to the folder containing the extracted files, Select All projects and press Finish.

4. Allow time for your projects to be fully loaded. If you still have errors on an Android project, you might not have the version of Android that the source code was compiled with. See step 5.

5. (Optional) If you are having errors with an Android project, right‐click on your project (Ctrl + click on Mac) and select Properties. Next, select Android and choose the most recent Project Build Target. Hit Apply and press OK. Allow time for your projects to load.

Your Package Explorer should now show the imported projects. If you have trouble with any of these steps, please post on the forums for help!