The Android Game Development Framework



This chapter will combine the knowledge you’ve gained from building a Java game development framework and a simple Android application and walk you through the design and implementation of an Android game development framework.

Source Code

The following .zip download contains the full source code for each programming example provided in this chapter.

Download the Source Code (Chapter 8)


1. SimpleAndroidGDF Checkpoint 1: Sets up a standard Android application and begins adding foundational classes as needed.

2. SimpleAndroidGDF Checkpoint 2: Adds input and state-related utility classes.

3. SimpleAndroidGDF Checkpoint 3: Adds assets, icons and basic state classes.

4. SimpleAndroidGDF Checkpoint 4: Fully implements GameView.

5. SimpleAndroidGDF Complete: The full source code for the SimpleAndroidGDF. Includes all the utility classes. 

Importing Instructions:

Click Here to see how to import the above projects into your workspace.


The following .zip download contains all assets used in this chapter.

Download the Assets (Chapter 8)


ic_launcher_36.png, ic_launcher_48.png, ic_launcher_72.png, ic_launcher_96.png, welcome.png

Additional Information

1. For a list of all known in-text errors, please see the Errata.

This section will be updated as needed. Please post on our forums if you need assistance or explanation on topics covered in this chapter.

2. If you are building on the Android Lollipop SDK (API 21+), the SoundPool constructor has been deprecated. This means that you will get a warning (not an error) in your Assets class. Your code will still work, but it is recommended that you make some changes. Please click here to learn more.