Laying the Foundations

This chapter shows a step-by-step approach to building a Java game development framework from scratch by clearly outlining the requirements and showing each step of the design and implementation. The simple Java game development framework built in this chapter is functional, but has room for improvement. In Chapter 5, we make changes to the timing mechanism of the framework and add some utility classes to simplify basic tasks such as random number generation.

Source Code

The following .zip download contains the full source code for each programming example provided in this chapter.

Download the Source Code (Chapter 4)


1. SimpleJavaGDF – Checkpoint 1: Begins initial setup for the Game Development Framework project.

2. SimpleJavaGDF – Checkpoint 2: Completes State classes.

3. SimpleJavaGDF – Checkpoint 3: Completes input handling implementation.

4. SimpleJavaGDF – Complete: Adds an icon image and completes game framework.

Importing Instructions:

Click Here to see how to import the above projects into your workspace.


The following .zip download contains all assets used in Chapter 4.

Download the Assets (Chapter 4)


iconimage.png, welcome.png

Additional Information

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